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Olymp Trade News Ghana

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2022년 상위 10개 최고의 바이너리 옵션 브로커 리뷰

2022년 상위 10개 최고의 바이너리 옵션 브로커 리뷰

최고의 바이너리 옵션 리뷰 및 최고의 바이너리 옵션 브로커

최고의 바이너리 옵션 리뷰 및 최고의 바이너리 옵션 브로커

2022년 최고의 10개 최고의 외환 브로커 리뷰

2022년 최고의 10개 최고의 외환 브로커 리뷰

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Clearlake takes new VLCC on time charter amid spur in gasoil trade

Singapore — Clearlake, the wholly-owned shipping arm of the Gunvor Group, has taken a newly-built VLCC on time charter of up to six months, which may be used to move gasoil in its maiden voyage, market participants in Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul said Friday.

아직 가입하지 않으셨나요?

일일 이메일 알림과 구독자 노트를 받고 이용 경험을 내게 맞게 설정하세요.

At least half a dozen new build VLCCs and up to four Suezmaxes or LR3s have been taken by various trading and refining companies in different charters in the last few weeks to move gasoil in westbound voyages from North Asia, they said.

The VLCC will be delivered ex-yard to Clearlake any time in the next few days and will be redelivered in the West, after the charter period is over, said a broker familiar with the developments.

Some of the market participants said that the VLCC is the 319,000 dwt, Olympic Lyra, currently near Ulsan, South Korea, which has been chartered out at $25,000/d but Clearlake couldn't be immediately reached for comment.

Chartering ships for moving cargoes and storage involves stringent vetting to ensure they are suitable Olymp Trade 회사 정보 to load and discharge at designated ports. At times, VLCCs are taken tentatively only to be released and replaced by others. Tentative deals, which can be canceled, are called, "placing on subjects."

Asia is now heavily surplus in gasoil and most of these volumes will move to Europe in the run-up to the implementation of new marine fuel regulations of the International Maritime Organization, or IMO, said Ralph Leszczynski, Singapore-based director for research for Banchero Costa, a global shipping brokerage and consultancy.

Under these IMO regulations, it will be mandatory globally to use marine fuels with up to 0.5% sulfur content from next year compared with the current 3.5%.

"We are moving into a situation where Olymp Trade 회사 정보 Europe will be surplus in high sulfur fuel oil and deficit in low sulfur fuels," Leszczynski said.

A substantial portion of this demand will be met by moving marine gasoil from North Asia to Europe, he said.

Economy of scale warrants that larger parcels are moved in single voyages and it is here that new build VLCCs and Suezmaxes assume importance, said a tanker broker tracking such deals.

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Bunkering Portfolio Solutions

Platts Bunker Portfolio offers a unique mix of products, whatever your position in the bunker fuel supply chain. The combination of business intelligence you use is crucial: from breaking news to detailed market analysis, price assessments to in-depth credit reports.

It has been a long standing tradition running into several years, of new build VLCCs moving gasoil in their maiden voyages, to avoid ballast costs. After South Korea and China stepped up production of super tankers in their shipyards, it has been fairly common for these ships to move cargoes from North Asian Olymp Trade 회사 정보 storages for refining and trading companies and do floating storage in Africa.

However, the trend has assumed additional importance in the run-up to Olymp Trade 회사 정보 the implementation of the new sulfur cap on marine fuels, which implies larger volumes of trade in MGO.

China's recent announcement of new export quotas for oil products, including gasoil, have also given a fillip to this trade.

At the same time, the falling VLCC freight rates amid ample supply is also supporting the trend, said a dirty tankers' broker in Singapore.

Daily VLCC earnings on the Middle East-North Asia routes has slipped below $22,000 while recent six-month time charters with storage option have been closer to $25,000, another broker said.

Japan'Olymp Trade 회사 정보 s July gasoline demand to recover on pandemic improvement, Olympics: PAJ chief

Japan's gasoline demand is expected to recover in July on the back Olymp Trade 회사 정보 of gradual improvement in the coronavirus pandemic situation, coupled with an increase in a stream of people for the Olympics among other factors, Petroleum Olymp Trade 회사 정보 Association of Japan President Tsutomu Sugimori said June 16.

아직 가입하지 않으셨나요?

일일 이메일 알림과 구독자 노트를 받고 이용 경험을 내게 맞게 설정하세요.

"Although it depends on how the state of emergency measures will turn out hereafter, we expect a flow of people will certainly increase Olymp Trade 회사 정보 including from the Olympics," Sugimori told an online press conference. "We expect the energy demand to gradually recover."

The pandemic situation is gradually improving in Japan as the country is increasing COVID-19 vaccinations, Sugimori said, adding that Japan's oil demand would recover should the case spread be contained and economy normalized.

Japan reported 1,418 COVID-19 new infections as of midnight local time (1500 GMT) June 16, down from 6,425 new cases a month ago, according to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Sugimori's remarks came as Japan is about to decide whether to lift or change the status of the current state of emergency measures as well as deciding on its COVID-19 priority measures -- both of which are due to expire June 20.

Roughly 43% of Japan's population is currently under the state of emergency, while the priority measures account for 21% of the total population.


"Speaking of the demand after July, it is difficult to foresee on a year-on-year comparison basis, however, we expect the gasoline demand to recover from May-June, when it stood at around 90% of the level comparing with the pre-coronavirus pandemic time," Sugimori said.

Japan's gasoline demand is estimated to have fallen by 5% year on year in June, when it was down 9% from June 2019, while the June estimated gasoil demand rose 6% from a year ago but remained Olymp Trade 회사 정보 3% lower than the 2019 level, Sugimori said.

The country's gasoline demand is now estimated to have jumped 14% from a year ago in May but it was down 12% from the same month two years ago, with gasoil demand estimated to have risen 6% on the year but have fallen 5% from May 2019, he added.

Japan's first state of emergency measures in April-May 2020 sent gasoline demand in May last year to its lowest for the month since 1985 and marked the lowest monthly sales volumes throughout last year. May 2020 gasoline sales dropped 22% year on year to 628,693 b/d, down from 663,960 b/d in April, according to data from the Olymp Trade 회사 정보 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

While the Tokyo Olympics starts on July 23, Japan is taking a number of measures to ensure the safety of the people involved in the event, right from ensuring the vaccination of athletes and delegates, to limiting the number of arrivals and Olymp Trade 회사 정보 designating their accommodation and transport within the country.

Japanese oil industry sources have mixed views over the likely impact on gasoline demand from the games, with some expecting demand to increase, while others see a negative impact from the various traffic restrictions.

As a gold partner for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Game, ENEOS, Japan's largest refiner, will supply oil products, gas, hydrogen and electricity for games-related vehicles and facilities.


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